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Landcent for a malaria-free world!

About Landcent

Landcent is a global manufacturer and innovative developer of healthcare products. Its mission is to accelerate the fight against malaria. It does this by developing affordable, sustainable solutions that can be safely used at scale.

The urgency

Every year more than 400 million contract Malaria and over 400,000 people succumb to the disease. This makes the mosquito, the deadliest animal in the world. The majority (67%, or 268,000) are children under 5 years old! In other words, a child dies from a completely preventable disease, every 2 minutes. This is unacceptable to us who believe in the dignity of every human life.Although much progress had been made against malaria, the number of cases have begun to increase in the past 5 years. The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to further exacerbate this situation. In addition, the disease financially cripples communities, causing an economic loss of $12 billion a year in Africa alone.


Landcent was founded ten years ago in Shanghai, China. The founders and several of the management are Christians. They are inspired by the BAM (Business as Mission) principles.

“Our goal is to work with fellow believers to bring the light of Christ to those places still affected by poverty and disease. We believe that disease prevention and elimination are a manifestation of God's love and are part of our mission as Christians towards local communities. - Arun Prabhu, CEO, Co-Founder"


Landcent understands that diseases such as malaria require a short-term and long-term approach. To reduce morbidity and mortality from the disease, Landcent's short-term strategy is to improve existing and proven prevention technologies and make them affordable. This ensures that more people are reached with the same budget as well.At the same time, Landcent is working on the long-term strategy. Research and development should lead to new products that are sustainable and safe to use at scale. We subscribe to the UN's 'Zero X 2040' initiative to eradicate malaria worldwide by 2040.

Landcent is currently working on four products in three WHO-recommended strategies to fight malaria. These four products are in various stages of development and include: Landcent Duo 2.0™ and Landcent Duo 3.0™ (new generation of treated mosquito nets), Landcent DURUS CS™ (new generation of Indoor Anti-Mosquito Spray) and Landcent CODISPAQ™ (new format chewable anti-malaria pills).


The social impact of Landcent's products in the local communities in Africa is expected to be significant. Within 4 years of market introduction, the preventive products will have contributed to the prevention of 110 Million (!) malaria infections and the saving of almost 356,000 lives!Landcent's Duo 3.0™ is the industry's first carbamate-based insecticide net, which will effectively address the growing insecticide resistance to pyrethroids. The company’s next-generation products are also expected to have a major financial impact. For example, the anti-mosquito spray, the DURUS CS™ with more than double the effect of any product currently on the market, will result in a cost reduction of 35% across the entire programme.Finally, Landcent's new antimalarial pill, CODISPAQ™, will open up the possibility for 100% child adherence thanks to its palatability and chewable formulation, saving thousands of lives and helping families avoid financial difficulties due to Malaria.


The Bill Gates Foundation has issued grants for the previous round for product development. The next phase of development is expected to be realized mainly through impact investments. Landcent wants to attract €2.5 million in equity + €2.5 million in loans in 2021 and 2022 for the follow-up development through MissionInvest. In terms of ticket size, there are several options available: €200,000, €500,000 and €1Million. The loan-based investors receive an annual interest of 4%. For equity investors, we offer a very attractive ROI to expect. In addition, Landcent offers a discount for follow-up investors in 2022. For investors who wish to invest from a missional standpoint and who want to contribute with their money to the solution of a worldwide problem, Landcent is a wonderful proposition!

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