Creating ripples of hope

MissionInvest USA

In March 2020, we founded MissionInvest USA as a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas. MissionInvest is a Dutch company in origin. With 20 years of expertise in Philanthropy & Impact Investments we offer a variety of projects with lasting impact in Global Missions and Relief and Development - thus empowering the poor. As a matchmaking organization, donors (corporations, foundations, churches, and individuals) are directly connected with a project that fits their mission.

MissionInvest USA is working with a passionate group of high profile like-minded Christian NGO’s with a proven track-record. We provide a platform for exposure and help them with development & fundraising. Through the strength and synergy of joined forces, our aim is to create ripples of hope. that they should set their hope in God - Psalm 78:7

Open for funding

You have a mission, and you have financial resources, but now you are looking for the right project — a project that fits your mission! That is crucial to you! MissionInvest knows what that means, and that is why its director, Wim Hasselman, prioritizes your personal needs and wishes. His goal is not to “sell” projects but to be a mediator between you and the projects that suit you.

Financed Projects

Look here to get an impression of projects that are currently in full progress. With the help of MissionInvest these projects have already been 100% financed.

Affiliated partners

Together with these partners we realize a variety of projects with the focus of evangelism and poverty alleviation.


Board of Directors

The variety of MissionInvest's projects requires a diverse team of boardmembers each representing a different field of expertise.
Diversity by State of residence is part of the policy.

Wim Hasselman President - The Netherlands
George Roller Boardmember - Washington, DC
Jon DeYoung Treasurer - Grand Rapids, MI
Lee Hsia Secretary - Houston, TX